Clarity Consulting Services include:

Applied Psychology

• Applying psychological principles to business, management and organisation development

Clarity Consulting Services draw on findings from psychology to deal with complex decision-problems in business and other organisations, helping with objective setting, creative solutions to problems, planning and action to capitalize on opportunities.

Management of Relationships

• Opportunities and obstacles arising in the management of public relations, public affairs and corporate communication

The consultancy provides research, coaching, training and other services to develop expertise in management and organisation development, public relations, public affairs and corporate communication. These concentrate on:

  • The role and uses of communication in organisational effectiveness
  • Organisational change
  • Management of stakeholder relationships, with groups such as employees, the media and the community
  • Creativity, motivation and the psychological contract between organisations and their members
  • Risk assessment in decision-making
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Evaluation

Research and Development

• Social and organisation research

Working with associates, Clarity Consulting Services carries out social and organisation research for clients, to assess team effectiveness, opinions and attitudes, customer and client satisfaction, team and personal preparation for roles played.

The consultancy offers services in staff development needs analysis, group and public opinion research, and observational research to study behaviour and behavioural change..

• The development of case study, research and software aids to support decision-making

The consultancy offers the capability to provide case study material for training and executive development purposes, which can be written directly out of client experience. Clarity decision-making software is available to aid in the analysis of important relationships and to help make decisions regarding their management.


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